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Image of Welding Rods & Gouging Carbon Electrode

Welding Rods & Gouging Carbon Electrode

Wear steel and door shoes

Characteristics and field of use:

Stainless; wet corrosion up to 300ºC (575ºF). High resistance to hot cracking: good toughness at high yield strength.

For joining and surfacing applications with matching/similar steels/cast steel grades. For fabricating tough joints on unalloyed/low alloy structural steels of higher strength, on high manganese and CrNiMn steels, between dissimilar metals e.g. between stainless or heat resistant and unalloyed/low alloy steels/cast steel grades.

Classifications> EN 1600 and AWS A 5.4.

Thermanit 30 / 10W - 5,0 x 450


5,0 x 450 
4 boxes, 220 pcs.


Thermanit 30 / 10W - 4,0 x 350


4,0 x 350
4 boxes, 340 pcs.

Other sizes available upon request.

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