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Caring about the environment


Understanding customer needs

Greenline Fishing Gear is a direct importer/exporter of commercial fishing equipment.
We are supplying quality equipment to professional fishing companies worldwide.

During the years we have delivered a wide range of standard and customized solutions,
and we strive to add value to each and every one of our solutions.

Below is shown a selection of Greenline Fishing Gear solutions.

Please let us know, if you need advise or guidance.

Elevated sweeps


Science has shown an improved herding effect by lifting sweeps slightly off the seafloor.

By doing so, the chamber that naturally appears when long sweeps are towed in an angle across the sand/mud is reduced and will be in a more straight line, than if as conventional indirectly in contact with the bottom.



Several fisheries world-wide are challenged with unwanted bycatch, quota restrictions,
no discard allowance, or other reasons to consider selective fishing.

Better utilization or improved quality can also be a reason for usage of Excluder.

In Greenline we have worked very focused on methods to assist selective fishery
and our “excluders” are at work in many different fisheries.

Together with our customers we strive constantly expanding our experience within
selectivity forward going to other challenged fisheries, as well as steady improvements
on existing markets.



D-disc makes sure your fishing line are always above the seafloor, avoiding catch of starfish, sponge, mudding up, and wear on the fishing line.

No bottom debris between the catch and therefor higher quality.

This disc can be constructed to any size, depending on fishery, bottom style and rules.

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us to give you hands-on advise.

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