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Miscellaneous Probably the strongest plastic basket in the world!

Baskets have been used with success in the fishing industry for more than 25 years.

  • The basket is designed for harsh use, and is made rom PELD, which makes it rigid, high-impact and able to
  • withstand all kinds of weather. 
  • Moulded handles are made from Nylon, which make them solid and user-friendly.
  • PELD is resistant to most acids and bases.
  • The baskets are produced in food-approved material.
  • Standard colors are black, grey, orange, blue and green.
  • Other colors are available on request.

Item no.



Fish basket 44 ltr. - orange with orange casted handles


Fish basket 44 ltr. - orange with white/grey handles


Fish basket 44 ltr. - red with white handles


Fish basket 44 ltr. - blue with white handles


Fish basket 44 ltr. - black with white/grey handles


Fish basket 44 ltr. - grey with white/grey handles

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