Greenline Fishing Gear is a direct importer/exporter of commercial fishing equipment. We are supplying quality equipment to professional fishing companies worldwide.

Our product range includes Commercial Fishing Gear such as:

  • Steel Wire Ropes
  • Elevated Sweeps / Briddles (See video below)
  • Combination Ropes
  • Ropes
  • Float Lines
  • Wear Steel
  • Zinc Products

Elevated Sweeps / Briddles - Video:

We supply the best quality and the highest break strength on the market.
Our Elevated Sweeps are applying statutory regulations. Studies show the environmental benefits of using Elevated Sweeps. The use can minimize the strain on the natural environment of the seabed.
Available in 90 feet sections. All Elevated Sweeps are handspliced.
Direct delivery from our own STOCK in SEATTLE.